Problem with forum posts

I’m tired of going into post that I own and seeing that I can’t edit them, can someone from the wick editor team try to find out what is happening by maybe contacting discourse.

Could you please provide the link to your post?

Kina OS is one, Small Rythm Game + mod is one

You can see how I can’t even edit a reply in my own post

Can you edit recent ones? Like the ones within this topic?

Do you have an adblocker by any chance? It’s possible something in-browser, like an extension or a setting, is hiding the option.

i think users can’t edit posts that are “too old”. whether that’s a week old, a month old, or something else, i don’t know.

I believe it’s exactly one month. OP, can you edit posts made less than a month ago?

Yes but I don’t think it has to do with them being old

I do believe is for that… Just make a new reply and correct it.