Programming Language


What programming language is Wick Editor?


Hi @711,

The Wick Editor uses JavaScript!


hi @Luxapodular, why is it that wick htmls are running in firefox while javascript is often blocked for security and could it be a gate for hackers ? don´t get me wrong. i am asking for security and runablility.



Good question!

Modern webpages are made up of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you’re on a page that has complex interactions (like a Wick Editor sketch), the page will load in JavaScript directly from the server hosting your project (in most cases, directly from a site like If all of the JavaScript is coming from the same website/server/user, and it’s a website/server/user you trust, you should be fine! Running a Wick Editor project that has scripts attached should carry no more risk than visiting a new website.

All of the logic that makes a the Wick Editor and Wick Editor projects work, has been written by @zrispo and I, and is available to view freely here. So we don’t need to worry about anything malicious in the editor itself.

That being said, someone could potentially store some bad code in a website, game, or project whether it was made with Wick Editor or not, so you should always be careful while browsing.