Project slows down the more times I play it


At the beginning of my project, I generate 32 clones of a Clip to use as particle effects. This runs fine the first time I try it, but the more times I run my project, the longer it takes for the whole project to start up. Clicking the play button has a very noticeable delay until the project actually starts. If I’ve had the browser up for a while, Firefox even says a script on the webpage is slowing down my browser until the game loads.
When I restart my browser, the lag goes away and the cycle starts again.
Maybe Wick isn’t clearing out or overwriting my clones, but constantly creating new ones?

Here is the code attached to sparkle, the object that caused the slowdown:

//randomize timing and transform
var scale = random.float(0.5,1);
this.scaleX = scale;
this.scaleY = scale;
//this.rotation = random.integer(0,359);
var side = Math.random();
var halfPW = project.width/2;
this.x = side < 0.5 ? random.integer(0, halfPW-100) : random.integer(halfPW+100, project.width);
this.y = random.integer(50, project.height-180);

onEvent('load', function () {
    if (this.identifier === "sparkle") { //only the leader
        for (var i = 0; i<32; i++) {
            var myClone = this.clone();

I just realized that the fact that I have var myClone = this.clone(); inside the loop might be causing many myClone’s to clog up memory. I’ll try changing it to this.clone();

Edit: I think that fixed the issue.
EDIT 2: This did not fix the issue, it’s still happening. Darn :frowning_face:
Saving and autosaving are very slow as well.

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Null reference and gotoAndStop() bugs

This happened with me too in the Legacy editor!
It seems to be a issue that carried over.
The longer you play it the slower it keeps getting.
My browser has even crashed before…
Just read through the rest and I think our issues might be
slightly different.
But the problem arising is the same.

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