Project Won't Work


I have made a animation that took me way too long to make and I finally thought I have finished making it so I decided to save it and run it so see how it went. The run screen wouldn’t load. Then it redirected me to the google chrome “Aw Snap” screen. I then returned to the Wick Editor home screen, clicked the reload progress button, and after a while I saw my project, but the screen froze and redirected me to the same “Aw Snap” screen. I redid this about five times and it still wouldn’t work. I figured that I had too many frames. All I ask is if the next update would please include more frames, or fix this problem if I am mistaken by my theory. Thank you for understanding my problem,


Sorry about this @Kaz , in our next major update we’re working on being able to handle WAY more frames than is currently possible. A big issue for us right now is that this is heavily dependent on how strong your computer is. Are you able to save your project? If so, would you mind sending me the .wick file so I can check it out?


Thank you @Luxapdular for helping me with this issue,
I have a Dell XPS 15 9560, Intel i7 core 7th Gen, so my computer should be beefy enough to withstand the frame problem. My project auto saved when I ran it the last time. I am not able to access anything, because like I mentioned above, the project freezes every time I try to access it, then redirects me to the “Aw Snap” screen. I try to click the file button and it does nothing. Any recommendation on how to download/access the full file?
Thanks again,