Publish projects throw the website

I know another websites or indie apps even for mobile wich i love becaus f these feature, It´s great how a website can give so good results, thats why i wouldlike to see others projects to get some inspiration.
Coments from a project would help the one who coments and to the one that had been comented because we would provide information much easyli
sory for my bad english i´m from Argentina.

A central place to publish projects would be nice! At the moment, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible to post to other portals like and but maybe one day we’ll have our own place to post!

I use a lot newgrounds, not itch i never entered actually. in newgrounds people can make awesome stuff the only problem is that i cant realise if a game is made on flash or any other softare, just in unity and GameMaker.
maybe a logo lke a wick ghost or something before the game charges would help.

Yeah, I was kind of thinking that we should have a site where people can just post their Wick Editor projects. I feel like it could also make the community feel more centralized and might also help give talented creators more recognition.