Random bug

I don’t know how to categorize this one. I started to make a valentine’s card and wanted to add an envelope that opens and stuff comes out of it. So far so good. but when it came to the opening animation then things got weird. The lid happens just to disappear right after it came to the top of the envelope and didn’t appear above the envelope itself at all. Instead, I got a weird point in the left top corner of the canvas.

This is a strange one. Would you be able to see if this project works in 1.16.2? I think the issue may be one we’ve fixed in this version!

in 1.16.1, copy/pasting sometimes makes the rotation point way at (0, 0), and sometimes there’s even a “path” thingy there
there are some ways when it bugs out and when it doesn’t, but something like copy/paste between frames or the physical frame causes it or something.

It works in 1.16.2!
Good job. Slowly slowly going to progress! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Hi i finished a animation so i was exporting it but i has been stuck on this for two hours. Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 4.42.44 PM i tried the test editor and the normal one and its the same. help me pls

Hi @sticktoons!

Can I see the Wick file? Not sure what’s going on here.

i cant :frowning:

U won’t have to share the wick
file @sticktoons since it turns
out that the video export is a
common problem now, it has
been pinned globally- so it’ll be
fixed as soon as possible


Yay!!! I’m so happy!

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