Recreate the different wick

let’s recreate wick editor if you want too, or there’s someone who’s recreating it already?

here is some kind of demo: wreDemo.html (1.1 MB)

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So recreating the editor inside of the editor itself? Sounds like a fun challenge!

Make sure to create a new topic in the collabs category (#show-your-work:collabs) if you’re looking forward to working on this project with others.

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nah, that was a concept, I didn’t really meant the demo itself ._.

imagine him trying to patent his project.

wick editor is open source so you could kinda re create it @Tankman

he can patent it

the window button isnot working

it doesn’t do anything

I’ve just made an update for that “demo”, because why not wreDemo.html (1.0 MB)

Hey let’s make a website like newgrounds but for wick editor

I been working on website like that with my friend over two months

why only for wick we can remake the existing neews ground for wick and everything what do you think about it @itscl4y

nah, I just want wick to have its own runtime environment and wick applications, because there are a bit of runtime environments and applets

oh i will be your prime tester for that :)

try to add some mods to it also

um what does this mean

I’m not sure I can create this

I WILL be glad to help you

I know