Recreating your ocs

so this is not one per person this is more ocs but if see a ripoff of an oc then your disqualifed
and thx for luca for changing it


i guess you don’t even need to draw me worshipping a bottle of 5-hour energy, but you can if you want.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 3.00.17 PM

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just recreate my normal skin

upload the picture

i told you it was in my profile picture, but here is it anyways.

ok ill get started on that tonight

baron heres yours


My Project12-22-2020_14-05-07.wick (2.3 MB)

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can u do mine

no not right now tonight

heres yours

not bad, 9/10
theres something weird on my left arm

here’s on of my ocs

gray 2.0

thanks for the rate

ok ill get started

your welcome :D


Gonna remaken ur oc awc

no you cant do that im do

you never omg do it :sleepy:

Capture 8