Removing image smoothing

There is a way to disable wick’s anti-aliasing with just one line of code.

If the image is the only object in a clip then this will work

this.activeFrame._children[0].view.item.smoothing = false;

Else if the image is in a clip with other objects then you simply put the position, starting at 0 counting up the outliner (so if its the bottom of the outliner it would be 0 or if its 4th last on the outliner it would be 3) this code should work

this.activeFrame._children[INDEX].view.item.smoothing = false;

Just replace INDEX with the position explained above

Or if you just have the wick path object then this code will work

WICKPATH.view.item.smoothing = false;

Replace WICKPATH with the wick path

Note: Depending on how you interact with the image when the project is paused it regain the smoothing, although shouldn’t be an issue since this can’t happen when the project is playing

Here is a example project
DisableImageSmoothingDemo.wick (2.3 KB)