Requesting Feedback on a New Feature!

Hi Everyone!

We’re currently developing a new feature: an outliner to show all the layers, frames, paths, clips, etc in the scene. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially by Monday/Tuesday so we can develop with your ideas in mind!

Here are a couple sketches of what it might look like on Desktop (an open/close-able popout menu) and iPad (tabs with the Outliner, Inspector, Asset Library):

Specifically, how do you imagine using an outliner? Should it be visible at the same time as the inspector? Is it clear how it works just from looking at it? Any other ideas?



I’m not sure what the outliner is for, is it a more advanced border of a path?

@awc95014 I made it more clear in the post, it’s a new menu panel that displays the organization of all the layers, frames, paths, clips, etc. in the scene.

So does it basically hold every little piece of information about the project? It appears that it can display layers, frames, code, paths, clips, buttons, text boxes, and audio. I think it could be useful, but it would become more massive the longer and more complicated the project is. Maybe we could have a preview of the paths like in the picture.


I like the idea! Rather than going through
frames and objects, being able to view
everything all at once would be a great
feature ( especially since I have objects
outside the screen that take long to pan
to )

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I really like this feature! I wish I’d seen this post earlier :sweat_smile: Some notes…

  • I like that it has space-saving tabs on the iPad but a separate panel on desktop.
  • Just by looking at it, I wasn’t sure whether the page icons refer to layers or to Clips.
  • Since paths don’t have names, I suggest listing them with a preview picture instead of an icon. Actually, to save space, you could arrange them in a grid rather than in a list!
  • I have some similar ideas I posted about here, including a mockup: Post-Jam Feedback: Scripting This post also includes a separate Coding view, and it uses an outliner-like view to select Clips and script files.

Keep up the good work!

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