Resize script editor doesn't show max extra lines of code

Has this bug been reported already?

Describe the bug
When resizing the script editor window the number of lines that fit in the editor doesn’t consistently grow with the window size. It leaves a blank area below the lines of code.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug, if you have them:

  1. Open the script editor
  2. Add some lines of code (say 50)
  3. Resize the code editor vertically
  4. Observe how the lines of code do not fill the entire window anymore

Expected behavior
I expected the number of visible code lines to grow with the available vertical space in the resized window.

*Computer Information

  • OS:Win 10
  • Device: Type: Desktop
  • Browser: Chrome

Added comment
The same kind of thing happens in the horizontal plane when you add more text to a line of code the screen starts scrolling to the left before cursor hits the right edge of the screen (only after a horizontal resize to a greater width)

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