RPG Room Scrolling

How do I scroll through frames in an RPG? Basically, I want to have a character in one “room,” and then when it goes to the very right of the screen (Or very left, up, down, whatever.), they go to another “room.” I first encountered this problem in a little RPG I was creating. I’m also on 1.19.3 by the way.

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This example could help…
RPG5-14-2023_21-52-20.wick (4.2 KB)

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Interesting, but I was looking for more of a switch from frame to frame. Example: One frame could be a room with one door, and when touching that door, you get placed in a new frame, or room.

For that just use



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Ok, thanks!

@Jovanny I need help with this collision system. When the black box hits the black bar, it supposed to go to frame 2, but instead, nothing happens. Edit this file and sent back the fixed version: My Project5-18-2023_16-26-19.wick (2.2 KB)

just delete the quotes on the hits statement and the x…

Oh. Well, ok. Thanks!