"Run" do not work


I tried use tween keyframes and in a moment Run stopped working - after press it shows empty run window and nothing more. Play preview shows animation correctly.
I deleted all tween keyframes. Now there isn’t any keyframes or JS in project, but Run still don’t work.
I tried empty project, it stoped work after using keyframes as well. So I can’t see any way to solve the problem.


After breakage undo to previous working state don’t repair “Run”.


Run don’t work after “Paste Tween KeyFrames” stably


And after copy/paste between frames - it add new frame after pasted and till that will not be deleted, Run window is empty.


@Andrew_Bakhtin so sorry you’re running into all of these bugs! We have a fix that should be out in our next update that will hopefully get rid of all of these run bugs! We’ll post on the forum once we push the update.