Run preview is fine, but exported GIF skips frames


Hi. My project runs great in the preview, but when I export the GIF, several frames skip when played back. I’ve done a dozen or so animations now and I believe it’s the only one that sticks when saved.

This is the file if it’s helpful. I don’t know how to report bugs so I don’t know if I need to include anything else.
Crane Lifter-Oct5-2018-12.18PM.wick

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

Update: Tried to upload Zip file but new users are not allowed


Hi @joe,

In the current version of Wick Editor the gif renderer has A LOt of issues like this. However, we’ll be releasing a test version of the Wick Editor next wednesday, October 24th which should fix this problem!

You’re more than likely not doing anything wrong, sorry about the bug!


No apologies necessary. It’s a great little tool! Especially for a noobie like me who has never made a custom GIF before. Thank you for the response.