S.S5 new s.s

early release of s.s5 s.s 5.html (2.6 MB)


I thought there wan’t gonna be any new s.s posts?

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well, the S.S thing was originally from the-predutshons. not exactly sure what TheonY is doing. but TheonY, please keep these things in one topic.


pft wehan you sed that you wold make s.s5 i did not think you wold actshuelly do it

you know i was going to add this to my game but hear pls make me porwed
wick file for lost bitss.s44-17-2021_19-29-10.wick (1.8 MB)

wdym by “keep things in one topic”

making multiple topics about the same thing is something to avoid because it makes unnecessary topics. if we all made brand new topics every time a minor update to a game was made or a little bit was added to an animation, we’d have way too many topics. yes, that example is quite a stretch, but the concept is the same.

This is what awc means:

According to this search, there are 8 different threads for this game.

I recommend choosing a thread from the already made ones and making it your main one

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I know what you mean know because you put it in a brief explanation, Also incredibly sorry for doing that

hi @TheonY uuuuuh im leveing the wick editor.