Says clip is undefined even though it's there

When i tried to clone a clip it says it was not defined even though it was defined in the frame



Probably you are under a function that is out of the context of the frame…

the load function (image on top) is being ran from a clip in the frame

do you have a sample wick file?

Try replacing “otherplayer” with “project.otherplayer” instead, clear your console, play the project and see if it works

If it’s a reference error, then it should work without a problem, unless if one of these are happening:

  • otherplayer is in a different frame
  • otherplayer is removed (through code)
  • otherplayer is referred to inside a function out of the context of the frame (as jovanny mentioned)
  • There’s some other error in the code and the debugger is giving you the “wrong error”

If the fourth option is true, then we’ll need a closer look at your code

here is the wick file:
mutiplayergame6-8-2023_10-53-05.wick (22.7 KB)

i did that but it didn’t work