Scripting stopped work on Sunday


Hello, I am new user. We have a task by the school to create some education app. I am creating something like this:
I hope it is possible :-)

I used some script, just very simple stop(), from the beginning it was working but now I am getting the error:
Stop is not a function on line 3. But I have only one line of code, so it looks like something is wrong.

I tried to use the stop function in new animation and it works. Probably is something wrong in my file.

I deleted all scripts, but adding stop on the first frame does not work.

Thank you, Jiri

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Hi Jiri! Welcome to the forum!

I’ve figured out your issue. It looks like you have an object named “stop” in your project. This is conflicting with the name of the stop() function.

image image

Changing the name of this to something like “stopButton” or, something other than a function name, should fix this!

It’s awesome to hear that you have a task to create an education app! I’d love to see the final work when you are done!



OMG, so silly mistake :slight_smile:
I learned how to use Flash and finished the task in the Flash but I will use Wick in the class and learn it at high school. This education app which I chose was quite complex, hugh. I always do challenges at the last moment…

Thank you for help and this awesome app!

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