Sharing Wick Editor Projects for Middle Schoolers

Wick Editor 1.18

I’m a middle school teacher, working with students who are 11-13 years old. My goal is for students to share their interactive Wick Editor projects with their classmates, while still being COPA compliant. I also want their projects to be embedded in the website kidblog. I want my student to have the ability to share their Wick Editor interactive games and get constructive feedback from their peers. (I also tried using Google Sites from my teacher account, however, I want my students to take responsibility for posting their work.) ( isn’t an option for us because my students are under 18 years old).

I’ve exported an example project from the Wick Editor website as an HTML, Multiple Rooms. I made a post. The only problem is that the Wick Editor animation showed up as a link, that opened in a new tab. I want to the projects to be embedded into the blog posts. Since middle schoolers are easily distracted, please let me know if it’s possible to embed the interactive HTML projects that are exported from Wick Editor. Thanks!


You can export projects as .zip file

Hi and welcome @Mrs_K_McGarrah:

I tried it, and it seems that what you described is the way to go…

Unfortunately I couldn’t do it either on that platform…

I heard you want it so that kids can upload there projects by themself? I dont really know how to do something like that without using a self-hosted website that used mysql or something like that.

You could setup a system where you create a google form for your kids that they upload there completed .html files on. and then you can manualy add there games through a iframe or something like that. I would just be careful that you make sure it is scalled big…

I have not used google sites in a while though and I think in there new modern version they removed the custom html element.

Hi @Mrs_K_McGarrah, In order to embed project you may need to use an iframe via the HTML formatting options. I unfortunately don’t have access to kidblog, so I cannot test it myself but it should look something like this:

<iframe src="link/to/html/file" width="400px" height="200px"> </iframe>

The link in the src= section of this command needs to link to the uploaded version of the html file you have. By right clicking on the highlighted link you get when you upload the HTML file in its current form, you should be able to get a link that somewhat liooks like this

Happy to help further if this doesn’t work, just reach out!

I tried that last night and it didn’t work for me (the iframe with the app size). It displays the iframe without the content.

Ahh, that is a shame. In this case, students might need to upload to another platform or share files in this link way :confused:

They did not now it is in the embed options you can choose to embed a page or HTML code

I added the HTML file from Wick Editor to my Google Drive. Then, I got a shared link for the file and pasted it into the iframe code. When, I clicked publish in Kidblog, I got a sad face.

I also tried using the URL that Wick Editor made when I downloaded an HTML file, like this:

When I clicked publish in Kidblog, it only displayed the text, no animation.

I’m not familiar with s3.amazonaws, but I was reading a little about it. Would it help to have my own cloud storage account on s3 amazonaws? Here’s info about the free account:

AWS Free Tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Amazon S3 for free. Upon sign-up, new AWS customers receive 5GB of Amazon S3 storage in the S3 Standard storage class; 20,000 GET Requests; 2,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests; and 15GB of Data Transfer Out each month for one year.

Your usage for the free tier is calculated each month across all AWS Regions except the AWS GovCloud Region and automatically applied to your bill; unused monthly usage will not roll over.

i have not tried this one yet but it might work.
have you thought of Ctl+C’ing the entire HTML file and Ctl+V’ing it into the embed?

This could potentially work, but having an Amazon S3 account can be quite cumbersome and comes with a number of security concerns you’ll need to be aware of. (Account security and ensuring that any secret keys provided are kept secret is an absolute must! The free accounts may also require payment info if you go over the free limits.)

If you can find a service that allows you to link to a resource with “Cross Origin Resource Sharing” this is what will allow the game to be embedded.

A number of websites do this automatically (i.e. the embed links on YouTube and but these won’t work for your students :confused:)

Uploading to Google Drive will not work for this unfortunately.



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@Mrs_K_McGarrah Try using a file service like onedrive, posting the link and having them download the projects

  1. Export the .html file from the export menu
  2. Upload it to a file hosting service (I use onedrive cause i have a 365 sub but google drive is ok, you can also get DDLs a different way from there)
  3. Get the direct download link, if you use OneDrive you can follow the instructions on this handy dandy site i found to get it. It should look like!2619&authkey=ADBpayEXvKZzq0A
  4. Have students download the files and run them.

Also, you get 5gb free with Microsoft OneDrive but 15 with Google, though some edu plans can make it unlimited

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