Should I Make This?

So ive been thinking about this for a while I’ve been training my coding experience and i understand python and its a bit bad but i used it to put my name on a leader board in a Very hard rage inducing game. But ive realized i shouldn’t use these new found skills to ruin other peoples hard work, i should use it to help Wick Editor. So i dont know if it would be copyright but i wanted to make a Wick Editor Extension that allows people to have access to things wick editor doesn’t and should provide i could update it every month each update being better than the next or the same, More features to wick and more Addons to make it more fun and interesting. i have the skills to do it now so it would be fun just to run a beta or somethin… Thoughts?

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go for it. they dont seem to be doing anything with wick atm so i dont see the harm in this

Alright ill call it Wick Addons, and the theme will be red and black. ima makes some features that Wick should have had. Got any suggestions for the extension?

go ahead, that seems pretty fun.
maybe ask them for permission though

Who should i ask?

the wick editor team

things we need on this,
1: real eraser
on wick editor when you erase something , you are just making parts of that thing tranparent, so always when you select you still can select that transparent parts.

2:color tween and shape tween
why not?

3:conect lines
well on wcike ditor you cant connect lines on it, witch makes drawing kidna frustating,and add the mitter or normal line conection options


about the eraser, i realized erasing only works for 1 shape, if you erase a lot the shape will jsut ebcome transparent

i’m pretty sure you can do basically anything as for mods/extensions, so long as it cannot be misinterpreted as an official tool. so like, naming the extension “More Tools for Wick Editor” is safer than “Wick Editor Plus” or “Wick Editor Tools”.

(basically, if you end your name with “for Wick Editor” it’s probably fine, and/or if you start with “Unofficial”)

wick also has a logo policy that you can read up on. basically don’t use it lol. also on there it talks about projects in general:

Naming projects and products:
Please do not name your project anything that implies Wick Editor, or Wicklets’s endorsement. This also applies to domain names.

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Say no more ima name it ‘‘Wickify’’ and just put Tools for wick on the side.
I’ll probably address on the website I made for this, That It’s not an official wick editor product.
And I’ll make some of my own art and logos a bit similar to wick but
of course with a bunch of twists.

someone also thought i was making a full on website that’s like wick, and to that i say No, im just making an extension. it’d take probably a team of devs to make a whole website.


This is an official website as of now i even went as far as getting a host and bought a domain its not published since the extension itself isnt ready.