Small Game - Hot Air Balloon Flashy

A little help… How it performs on your machine? (See the red square where the FPS number is)
Could you please tell me if your machine runs this at least 30 FPS?

HotAirFlashyHTML.html (2.1 MB)


could use an fps boost via editor but nice idea! could use a menu screen and a heads-up that you’re SUPPOSED to pop the bubbles

Yes, I know. I just wanted to test this concept on other machines. Could you please tell me what was the fps number at the right corner of the screen?

It is not an original idea… I’m just implementing it in wick… here is the original game:

Hot Air Balloon:

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 10.08.47 PM

It is still in early development… (I’m adding more stuff)


works perfectly on my computer. (i think we have the exact same computer, so… not a surprising result.)


The fps on my chromebook can change from 19 to 23

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Does anyone know how to change the wickEditor background color programmatically?


You could just have a square overtop of the canvas and then change its color with something like this

canvasObj.activeFrame._children[0].view.item.fillColor = '#FFFFFF'

I’ll try it. Thank you!

Well, It didn’t work… It seems that the canvas of the editor is not called canvasObj.
(I’m inspecting the html to see if I find the name…)

No I was talking about making a square named something like canvasObj and changing it’s color but I found a way to change the actual canvas color with this code

project.backgroundColor._color._components = [0.2, 0.7, 0.5];

You just replace the there values in the array with the red, green and blue (I think that’s the order) values going up to 1

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This works perfectly! Thank you so much!

It also works without the view.item


Another method

@SomeoneElse’s method is probably the best one to use to change bg color, but if you would like to accomplish this task without adding in any clips, I was once fooling around the editor, and found that changing the value of this.project.backgroundColor glitches the background to make it transparent, and changing the value of this.project.view.canvasBGColor changes the color of the actual frame the canvas is in.

this.project.backgroundColor="rgba(255,0,0,0)"; // Doesn't work, but makes canvas transparent
this.project.view.canvasBGColor="rgba(255,0,0,1)"; // Changes the background color of whats behind the canvas

It works better in html

I still think @SomeoneElse’s method works better :+1:


image Works perfectly :+1:


I was about to ask you that. Great! Good to know… I changed all the graphics from built-in vectors to pngs to have better performance as well. : )


On a 2019 - 2020 model Chromebook on Chrome OS 92, I get a solid 30 fps with no spawns and no movement, but with the bubbles and spikes spawning and moving, it gets 15 - 23 FPS

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Runs at 30 fps.

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31 Fps is what it runs for me

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Ok, I was able to develop a full small game out of this… I’ll post it this night (@ 8:00pm EST)


For me, my FPS is 30-31.

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Here is the game, I’ll be posting the wick file in a few days:
(Let me know how it performs and if you like it, etc…)

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very fun game! Runs at 24fps on newgrounds and 26 on itch

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