So here's my first question - Fill bucket tool

I’ve looked down the forums but don’t think my particular issue has been addressed. I plan to
draw everything by hand, convert into portable network graphics and then use the fill bucket tool as needed. The PNG images import just fine, but Wick does not see ‘any hole to fill’. So I converted the image into monochrome or binary to see if it would recognize the lines, and I’ve made sure there were no gaps, and I get the same result. Is there a ‘trace bitmap’ function (like in Flash) so Wick can better recognize the lines for the fill tool?

PNG - with transparency. Fill function does not work.

Same PNG - bitmap traced in Flash. Fill function works.

i think wick doesn’t support using a fill bucket on images, it only works on vector paths.

Right, Flash had the capability to convert the image into vector-based lines. Wick does not have this yet… But thats OK. It works on different paint apps for mobile. I will just convert drawings to png and fill right there for subsequent import into wick.

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