[SOLVED] Help mods i forgot my password

please @Jovanny or any mod can you help me change my password my gmail doesn’t let in mails that are not from school

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OH NO! good Luke you can search up Discours Reset Password this could Potentially Help

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Hi @Jordy!

Funny thing, I also used a school email lol

But here’s what I did: I went to the settings and added in an alternative email. Try doing that, and you might be able to login elsewhere through that email (?)

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you need to confirm the new gmail and signing in with google doesn’t work

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edit: never mind you said google doesn't work

can’t you sign in with google? that’s what i always do.

the only other things i can think of are… make sure you’re not using caps lock… and make sure you’re hitting the right keys… and… brute force? (save brute force for last)

edit 2: this might be what @Jordy is talking about, i didn’t read it very well but @Jovanny would probably have to do something along the lines of this (not sure if he actually can do it): https://meta.discourse.org/t/reset-user-password-by-admin/56987/11

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ok so it seemed that my phone had trouble when signing in with google so I did it in my laptop and it worked now my new email is my personal email not my school email