[SOLVED] Is it possible to stop my player bouncing?

I have a gravity code which works fine for the most part (thanks to gamer_boi for helping me with this) and I basically have it all working as I want it to. However, my player always bounces when it hits the ground and I don’t know why. I’ve tried to fix it but when I do, the jump stops working. I really hope its possible to fix and this is the last obstacle I need to get past before I can make a proper game. Thanks!
gravity testing V25-25-2022_17-06-01.wick (2.0 KB)

I know you want it to be 18 fps but it works best on 60 fps because the high speed you gave it makes it bounce and it doesn’t bounce with how I did it, if you don’t like 60 fps and want something lower then I cant help you, I hope that you understand that with low fps and high speed there is no way to stop bouncing
gravity testing V25-26-2022_12-40-54.wick (2.0 KB)


Ok. Well thanks for your help anyway!

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your welcome