[Solved]Is there a way to clone something and take it out of the clip

I’m making an animation and I need to simulate some things.
using: Wick Editor 1.19.4
I’ve tried cloning it from the outside.
file: My Project5-23-2023_8-37-04.wick (2.2 KB)

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Not sure what you are asking
Let say you have a clip with a basket containing fruits.
You want to clone the basket and after that have an apple from the basket to be out of the basket clip? I’m getting it right?

more like: the basket is a clip and apples are inside the clip. I want to clone an apple, but have the apple clone be outside of the clip.

I’d hide the apple inside the basket clip and clone or unhide another apple outside the basket clip
To hide you can set apple clip opacity to 0 or move the apple clip timeline to a frame with no graphic in it

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just copy paste the thing out