[SOLVED] Mouseclick script not working

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I have a mouseclick script on a key, when you click it it should make the hasKey global variable which i’ve defined in the first frame in the default script as 0 to 1. it then removes the key from the game.
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I’ve tried to put it in an if statement, didn’t work.
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the way you define hasKey is important. i think the only 2 ways a variable can be made global is window.hasKey or project.hasKey. (i’m not actually sure about window.hasKey)

so in the default script of the first frame you would have:
project.hasKey = 0;

and in the mouseclick script you would have:
project.hasKey = 1;

if you are already doing this or it doesnt work, send over the project file and we can figure it out

i figured it out, not entirely sure what i did but its working now. jsyk i was already using window.hasKey. i dont use let (varName) very often.
also im new how do i mark a post as the correct answer

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I’m glad to hear that your issue was solved :)
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I already changed the title to this post so you won’t have to do anything about it this time :+1: