Some hidden coding shortcuts

There are a lot of cool hidden shortcuts! These, of course, only work when your typing a script, but for example, there’s a hidden way to view an error report, go to a line, and click “alt + e.” You can also highlight a word, then press “alt+k” or “ctrl+k” to highlight another matching word. Easily minimize all of your bracketed code by clicking “alt+0,” add a comment by clicking “ctrl+/,” indent a whole line by clicking, “ctrl+],” and there are some more shortcuts, but none were really listed with the hotkeys.

ctrl + /

This shortcut will add “//” only to the beginning of a line to make it a comment.
This is useful when you don’t know if you wanna delete a line of code or not


The shortcut is “ctrl + ]” but I can’t type that b/c it would close this summary -_-
This moves the whole line to the right.

ctrl + [

This moves the whole line to the left.

ctrl + up

Scroll up!
Also, when an item is selected, if there are multiple items in one layer, It will actually move it forwards.

ctrl + down

Scroll down!
Also, when an item is selected, if there are multiple items in one layer, It will actually move it backwards.

ctrl + right

This is actually a common shortcut, and it makes you skip to the right of a word.

ctrl + left

This is actually a common shortcut, and it makes you skip to the left of a word.


Move EXACTLY 15 lines up (I counted)


Move exactly 15 lines down

alt + right

Move straight to the end of the line

alt + left

Move straight to the start of the line


Select the word that your next to, then click it again to travel to an exactly similar word!


Select the word that your next to, then click it again to travel to an exactly similar word!


Not only does this shortcut show you your errors, but it also takes you to the specific line and place in line where the error is thought to be in. This is a really useful shortcut!!!


This is a weird shortcut. It actually hides your code that is on the same column as the place that your typing in. This is actually useful in organizing your work since all code is automatically opened when you open the script.


Delete a whole word that’s next to you


Ctrl+click in different parts of your script, then start typing the same text in all of those places!
Perfect for multitasking :+1:

If these shortcuts aren’t really hidden, and I’m the last one finding out about them, then sorry for sounding dum


Love it!
Question: how did you find out about them?

Clicking random buttons I guess

well haven’t seen those guys before, so maybe they are hidden

I’ve started using Alt+E when I can’t figure out what an error is. Glad you shared it cause I probably never would’ve found it on my own :sweat_smile: Speaking of which, I feel like Wick would really benefit from like…a wiki, I guess. Just something documenting all the stuff you can do (even Scratch has something like that here

alt+e is probably my favorite shortcut now

I agree, Wick should make some type of wiki with all of the shortcuts that it has

what do some of those commands do?

I know I shared 17 shortcuts, but I might make it to 20?
Anyways, I just found one of the best-hidden shortcuts that I didn’t notice till now:
Wick Editor 1.18 (1)

Ctrl-Click anywhere while typing to start typing the same thing in multiple lines.
This is probably the best way to multitask!

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I think that’s basically pressing CMD F (or CTRL F), finding the appropriate word you want to find, and clicking “all” to edit all of the occurrences of that word. (It’s very very very very useful.)


Finally now we have more than 1O hidden shortcuts on the list!

Also, when you have a script opened and hold “alt” without clicking anything, your cursor changes… :thinking:

Just to mention, I made the list a wiki, if anyone finds some type of shortcut that can’t be found in the settings, just add it in the list and feel free to add in ur name too : )

Also, pretty soon, I’ll start sharing what each command does

Thanks :+1:

I think some of these shortcuts are the shortcuts used by the script text editor Wick uses, since Wick Editor didn’t make the script text editor. I know that since that text editor looks very similar to ones seen before.

I found other shortcuts:

  • When you’re typing code, use the shortcut ctrl+L, then it’ll ask you what line you want to go to, and type the line number to go there.
    Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 8.34.19 PM

  • Highlight text, and click ctrl+u to capitalize what’s selected.

  • ctrl+H is like ctrl+f, but automatically gives you the “replace with” option
    Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 8.33.42 PM Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 8.33.34 PM
    (left image is ctrl+f, right image is ctrl+h)

  • Highlight parts of your code, and click alt+L to hide like this:
    Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 8.41.33 PM


I also found several cool editor shortcuts:

  • When you hold ctrl while clicking to select text, you can have multiple carets/text cursors. Then you can edit multiple parts of the script at the same time.
  • When holding ctrl+alt and the up or down arrow, it will create a new caret/cursor up or down depending on which button you pressed.
  • And if you press the left or right arrow, it will find the next/previous word that is the same as the word that is on the main caret/cursor and make a new caret/cursor on that.
  • If you press alt+up or alt+down, it will move the selected line up or down. If you hold shift while doing so, it will copy+paste the line up or down.

I find the first and second shortcut particularly useful and I do those all the time when I’m coding, now that I know about those, so those are definitely helpful.