Some of the sound will not render when I export the video

Hey! In school we are using wick editor to make animations!
We had to add sound in the project. Unfortunately when I went to go render it, some of the sound wasn’t rendered with it, as in some of the sound that i uploaded into the project will not play when rendered. This is a big problem because I worked hard on adding sound to the project, some of which are important to it. Please fix this as soon as possible… :frowning: it kind of upsets me,

here are some examples:
here is the original with the sound

here is what i get when i export it:

please fix it!!! :’(

The developers are working on fixing that bug. It happened to me to. I had a really big project and the sound was really important to it. I guess the only thing we can do is wait for them to fix it.

oh! well thats a relief, im glad im not the only one who is experiencing this problem

This bug happened to me as well it is very annoying :rage:

@Stickman23 I’m not very experienced with using sounds but I do know that Wick Editor 1.17 can be tested at and has most of the bugs taken care of, so opening your project there and trying to export it hopefully would help!