Sound for 1.0


How does sound work for the new 1.0 version? Before all I had to do was drag and drop the sound file onto the frame in the legacy version, but now, it seems complicated. Please help, I constantly upload animations, and I’m worried the legacy version could go offline.

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Hi there!

Dragging sounds onto frames currently doesn’t work in 1.0, but we’re putting out an update this week that adds that feature.

Also in this next update, sound waveforms are coming back so you can have a preview of the sound on the frame!




Also, we’ll be keeping the legacy version up indefinitely! We’ll make sure to have a version running :slight_smile:

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I can’t even import sound! (I drag it onto the wesite a.k.a. Wick Editor and nothing happend!)
I need help!



Hey @Jan_Ninja,

In the new editor, we haven’t added a drag and drop for assets yet. You can bring in assets by pressing the “Upload Assets” button in the asset library!




Thank you very much! You helped me very well!

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I have another question…
Can I import m animations with soud? :sweat_smile::notes:

Is it possible with a ZIP file?