Stacker game devlog

i think my new stacker-that-definitely-isnt-t*tris game is barely functional enough that i can show it to everyone. but barely functional it is.

the tentative to-be game will be called Matrix Masters or something if it goes well, and it should be a game that focuses on very fast gameplay. so make sure you have a good gaming chair.

the controls are:

  • left/right to move left/right
  • down to soft-drop (the piece doesn’t lock on its own)
  • space to hard-drop (the only way to lock the piece)
  • up or x for clockwise rotation
  • z for counterclockwise
  • shift for 180 rotation

it’s supposed to run 60 fps and it does on my computer, but i’m curious to see if it runs well for everyone else.

you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, or rotate 180 degrees. CW and CCW follows modern kicks (for now), and 180 rotations don’t kick at all (yet).

there is no auto-shift, so you have to press the left/right key every time you want the piece to move over.

there’s no line clear, no death, no gravity, no next/hold, no fancy graphics, none of that. also, the game crashes if your stack exceeds row 22 (that will be fixed). so all you can do is stack pieces.

Stacker11-10-2022_20-46-13.html (2.1 MB)

big to-do list: basic game function, all the modern mechanics, nicer graphics, matrix sway (the board bounces around as your pieces move), sounds, multiplayer maybe???


runs super smooth nice game to play without the stress of the actual game lol. graphics are fine and i can help make some if you want

this actually works pretty well! for the gravity, you can add a timer of some sort that when it is over, the current moving ter, urm, block structure moves it down a certain amount depending on the score(the higher, the faster). i feel like a cool gimmick would be if the game was based on random events that occur either every score milestone or when you clear a line, such as clearing/filling a column and sometimes hilarious and/or devastating distractions. however, that would take a bit of work, and it would probably feel like the game is against you sometimes. a nice thought though. and for multiplayer, im not exactly sure if you can do wireless online gameplay, but side by side is a possibility.

and to assist with this, i have create some possible controls that can get changed later on, but hopefully this will help
player 1:
a and s for left and right
q and e for clockwise and counterclockwise
w and x for soft and hard drop
z for 180 rotation(this will be explained later)

player 2:
left and right arrow keys for left and right
up and down for clock/counterclockwise turn
up and down arrow keys for soft/hard drop

enter would be our other makeshift-shift for p2, as originally, because the game probably wouldn’t tell between either of the both shifts on the keyboard. so i thought p1 could get shift and p2 enter. but because then the first previous message, p2 could sabotage p1 via pressing shift on their side of the board, so, that why p1 has z instead of shift this control conception. hopefully, this is good enough feedback, but yeah. this is pretty cool.

new update, it’s small but it’s nice.

visually nothing really changed, and i didn’t really make that many internal changes either, but now you can hold left and right instead of tapping every time. also, the code now has a way to manage the speed of the soft-drop (the speed that the block falls down when pressing the soft-drop button). still no clearing lines yet, that will probably be next, followed by probably a code cleanup.

i made the default framerate 120 now as a means of testing how fast my game can run (it actually runs at more like 125 fps because of the way wick handles framerates), but the more clips there are on-screen the slower the game gets. so let me know when you notice the framerate to dip below 120 (mine happens maybe 2/3 of the board is full).

(note: at this point for me the game runs at about 100-110 fps, but the screenshot caught when the framerate was reported as 89)

  • 120 fps when the board is completely full or until it is mostly full
  • 120 fps when the board is empty, dips below as the board is being filled
  • 90-120 fps at the start
  • 60-90 fps at the start
  • below 60 at the start

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Stacker soft drop12-25-2022_13-04-01.html (2.1 MB)

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Depending on the computer, I think most of them would not see the 120+ fps. I see it from the beginning until the end… but, this is a M1 Max chip macbook pro.

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line clears! this actually took more work than you might expect. let me know if there are any bugs with the line clearing.

next up is probably a shadow/ghost piece or next queue.

Stacker line clear wow yay woohoo12-27-2022_22-47-48.html (2.1 MB)

few new things.

  • the board is an actual image of a board instead of just a rectangle, definitely looks better now
  • next queue with 5 next pieces, no hold yet
  • sound effects as of now they are the Tetra Online soundpack, but i want to make custom sounds soon
  • delays
    • a short delay between placing the piece and the next piece spawning
    • a longer delay when lines are clearing
  • i decided to add funny kicks to the O piece (the yellow square), just because i can

Stacker1-3-2023_15-43-08.html (2.3 MB)

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Also, I have to press the space bar so the piece can be submitted to the board. It doesn’t do it automatically yet…

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so i got a bit carried away with effects… whoops lol

so now there is basic spin-detection. if you have no idea what i’m talking about, don’t worry about it. if you do, all pieces (including the T piece) use the immobile spin check as of now (if the piece can’t move up/down/left/right when it locks, it’s a spin).

the graphics are updated. they look kind of out-of-place though, so i may change them in the future.

line clears look fancier now. when a line clears, there’s 2 animations taking place, neither of which i really know how to describe well.

  • when a line is full, there’s a white stripe that takes the line’s place and flashes away.
  • the blocks that are cleared turn white, pop out of the stack, and eventually fade out.

here’s a slowmo of the line clear. it’s gone from my screen recorder to a slow-mo-ifier (as you can see from the watermark) and a video-to-gif converter so it looks kinda disgusting, but it gets the job done. you can see the white stripe and the blocks jumping out, falling, and fading.

so now i’m pretty sure the frame rate is even worse now, buuuut hopefully it’s barely playable?? i might turn off the line clear effects in future updates or leave them to a toggle.
Stacker1-21-2023_13-54-01.html (2.9 MB)

and yeah at some point i will do what i previously said i would (along with the piece automatically locking when it’s on the ground).

just realized that when updating the sprites for the blocks, i didn’t update the sprites of the next queue pieces… whoops, i’ll fix that eventually.

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The animation is good… I have noticed that when you rotate the yellow one, it started to go to the right every single time.

that’s intentional. it doesn’t do that in normal games but i chose to do that for the funnies.

basically the O piece (the yellow square) tends to be the least interesting piece because since it rotates in place, you can’t rotate it into funny places. so i basically made it so that when the piece rotates, it doesn’t rotate on its center so that you can do silly stuff with it.

so now the piece is able to get into tight spaces and even climb up 1 block.

and i guess it’s also worth noting that if you rotate clockwise it will go to the right, and if you rotate counterclockwise it will go left.