Step by Step Wick Tutorials


I absolutely love Wick. I’ve spent countless hours the past two weeks figuring out as much as I can. I am a teacher and I’ve created lessons for my classes. My students have been doing these lessons the past two weeks. If you are interested I have put these lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers. Each tutorial is step by step. My high school students have been completing them. All of the code I’ve managed to figure out myself. This is over 200 pages of tutorials.

Here is one example.

Creating Working Dice

Because I’m a new user I can only post two links so I will post a link to all of my tutorials below.

Here are my other tutorials:
Creating a Buzzfeed type quiz
Animating a bouncing ball
Creating a seamless scrolling background
Animating a walk cycle

I also have these bundled.

Click here for all of my Wick lessons


Very cool work @legosandjoysticks!


Thank you! Wick is the program I’ve been looking for the past 5 years.