Stick formation

i found forums and i could finally get an account


Nice animation @Branster_Dev!
Welcome to the forums :D

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thank you :D also check out my because I make games. (on my profile)


bottom text

wuts bottom text

i still don’t exactly know, but i’m pretty sure it’s just a filler. basically the forum has a 10 character minimum in posts, so putting “bottom text” exceeds the minimum so you can post. when he said “nice” it wasn’t 10 letters so putting extra letters would make it sendable.

although if you ever have to use “bottom text” i feel like you shouldn’t. i would leave a like instead of saying “cool” or “nice” like nitro (makponse’s nickname) did. you can also go in depth of why you like it.

in short, i suggest not using it and either not making the post or making it longer and more productive. but people do it anyway and that’s what it means.

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oh I think he wants to use a message without 10 characters but I was looking at forums and I saw I could use <!-- --> in the levox collab where hamzah told crafter that he can use that thing


Yes, I agree.

Wick editor’s FAQ did mention this

That would be a better way of passing the 10 character limit :+1:


@Branster_Dev Please dont do that. The reason why we have a char minimum is to enforce people to post meaningful content.

oh ok sorry about that