StickMan Randomness (new collab)

We Can Share Our Ideas In Google Docs!

or on this file: Stickideas12-20-2020_11-59-58.wick (37.6 KB)

i don’t think outside chats are allowed.

Please read the forum rules.

these rules ooga booga

ask @Luxapodular i dont know

I would be happy to help in any way that I can, but what is the game about? And If I can help I would be able to do animation or designing, because I can’t record sound and all I can really do with code is make buttons.

its an adventure game

ok, i just saw that you already have an animator and designer, so i guess i wont help.

added a warning
bottom text

can you please not use the “bottom text”? and also you passed the 10 limit with “added a warning”

stickrangame12-23-2020_9-36-46AM.wick (157.1 KB)
i added WASD and what does this dummy do image

but the player is too fast

btw i making my own stickmanran

Um Team When Are You Guys Going To Be Online And Not Online?

well idk


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Hey Sory I Have Not Bean On Wick Editor Latey And I Lost The Animation Flie

Best Regards, Green Bear Services

ok :pensive:

Hey, Team So I Have A Idea So I Have Doing Animations And I Can Now Make Laser Eyes So Can I Put It In The Animation

Best Regards, Green Bear Services

Green Bear Services? what is that?