Stop script glitch


There’s a glitch where the stop script shifts between ‘object stop script’ and ‘timeline stop script’ fix this glitch or make the ‘object stop script’ and ‘timeline stop script’ different. :wink:


Hey @Mr.Fishy2008, stop() will refer to the parent timeline of the object it’s called on. If you want to guarantee that the stop script will stop the timeline you’re looking at, you can add this before calling stop().

ex. this.stop()

You can also give the name of the object before calling stop. So let’s say your object is named “garble.” You can type garble.stop() to stop garble’s timeline.


this.stop() didn’t work, what do i do?


Hmm, it depends on where exactly you’re trying to stop the timeline. If you share your project (you can post a google drive/dropbox link here or in a private message). I could take a look!


Here’s a screenshot of the code!


@Mr.Fishy2008 AHH! So if you’d like your project to stop on a frame, you should just be able to use stop();

this.stop() can be used (based on the circumstances) within a clip. @zrispo, have a better way to explain this one?


it still switches between object stop(); and timeline stop();

btw all the frames in the script layer are all stop(); scripts