Super powers

Fill out the following information to have your collab considered for the forum:

  1. Title: super powers
  2. Topic: you describe what super power you would want to have then I think of a downside and animate it.
  3. Time Frame: 2/4/22 - 5/1/22
  4. Submission Requirements: just tell me what super power you would wanna have
  5. Project Requirements: if you want you can upload your own animation.
  6. Project Leads: me

I would like to have an electric powers and teleportation and levitation

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thats basicaly flying.

I will do each power by itself because I forgot to mention that you can only post 1 or 2 powers at a time because im lazy.

Ok just make it electric power and levitation

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you can levatate and have electric powers but half the time it hits you.

(don’t worry you are immune to lightning and fall damage.)

I can fly and it also does a big blast in my raidus for a quick getaway

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Invisibility and teleportation

Im pretty sure that this is dead now, I actually have other things son now this is a list of super powers

The collab is still technically going…

I have gotten bored of animating on wick editor tho so technicaly this is an ongoing list of super powers.

I would want telleportation/portals and telekenisis

I would want the ability to create an infinite supply of slime and be able to transmute that slime into any form. For example, if I transmuted the slime into a superhero, it would have the superhero’s abilities.

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thats actually really cool I would animate it but I wouldn’t have the time

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may i join?

look here.

oh ok then