Support the Wick Editor on Patreon!


Hello again!


In addition to all of the other great news, today we’re launching a Patreon page where the Wick Editor community can directly support development of the tool!

In addition to helping us develop the Wick Editor, Patreon supporters will get their name posted on the Wick Editor Supporters page, and depending on the tier, stickers, t-shirts, and soon other types of awesome merch!

Thanks again for all of your support!




What if I do not become a supporter???


Hey @Animator, supporting the Wick Editor on Patreon is completely optional!


hi. i think this is a great project, but i would prefer a one time donation. is this possible and ok ?


@berti, We’ll be setting up one-time donations very soon. I’ll be sure to update on the forum once it’s possible!


Hey, I don’t know if this is the right post, but I tried downloading a Wick Editor file as a video, but it keeps saying it’s not a video or it’s corrupted. Please help… :sob:
(edit) Switching computers doesn’t help, so it might be Wick Editor’s website.