.svg file not appearing on stage (Solved)

So I just started using wick as one of my main animation software. I’m using the version 1.19. I uploaded a couple of .svg files I had made for my animation. Once they were imported, they had a question mark next to them, and whenever I tried adding to to the stage, it wouldn’t appear. I’ve looked through previous forums from other people, and the responses seem to have not helped me. If anyone could help me with this problem, or give me a converter from .svg to .png, that would help a lot.

i’m assuming this converter will work: https://svgtopng.com/

wick doesn’t support svg import as far as i can remember, so you’ll have to make it an image instead.

wick can import svg. some feature are missing tough and may not render correctly

Thank you! The converter helped and I am able to use the .svg files without it bugging out.

wick used to support svg back in legacy