Test and alpha version of wick have different button mechanics


I moved a project from alpha.wickeditor.com to test.wickeditor.com, and it was fine apart from the buttons.
In alpha, I used the brush tool to write things like “next” and “back” and drew the boxes around them and made it a button. When I put it in the test, the empty spaces in the button did not interact with the button. (For example, the spaces between the word “NEXT” wouldn’t be detected as a button.) I don’t know if this is a bug or if it was a FIX from the bug, but I would like it to be patched.

And since we’re here, I want to list a few things that I would want in the future, or may already be a feature that I don’t know about:

  1. shortcut for adding a frame
  2. more customizable backgrounds (for example, images, gifs)

  3. I don’t know what else to put. Things may come up in the future, or other people will have their thoughts on additional features.




I’d also like to clarify that in the alpha, the button problems didn’t occur.



Hey awc, mind sending me your .wick file?

We have made a few updates to buttons, and I want to see exactly how it’s effecting you.

We’re looking into improving the editor with some of these other features as well!

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alright, this project is just about what i want to teach. (it’s unfinished)
animation club (4).wick (90.7 KB)

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Ah! I see exactly what you mean.

This is actually a fix in the new editor. The button will only activate if there is something other than emptiness behind the mouse. Here’s a version of the project with a semi transparent circle on the first frame showing how it works.

(You should be able to turn the semi-transparent circle completely transparent).

animation club.wick (91.1 KB)



alright, thanks so much!

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