That secret project that didn't have to be secret: version 1

turns out it was a tetris game. who knew :\


  • all 7 pieces with the right colors
  • hard drop, soft drop, and gravity
  • changeable DAS (delayed auto-shift), ARR (auto repeat rate), and SDF (soft drop factor) (in the code, not ingame)
  • SRS (super rotation system) wall kicks


  • the board has to be very small so that it doesn’t lag a lot since there are so many clips.
  • it still lags a bit. the only way to have minimal lag is to make it even smaller.


High Priority

  • add top out and lock out (death)
  • add lock delay
  • add 5 or so next pieces and a hold queue
  • add 7-bag piece randomization
  • make the game know how many lines were cleared at once
  • add line clear messages
  • add t-spin and back-to-back recognition

Medium Priority

  • make the board bigger if there is a less laggy way (i seriously might use a giant text box if i have to. calling it Textris if that’s the case. otherwise i’ll just call it Tetr-ish, since it won’t be exactly Tetris.)
  • add sound effects
  • add PPS, APM, combos, VS score, and other multiplayer-related stats (even though it’s a singleplayer game)
  • add 180 rotations (using osk’s** SRS+ 180 kicks)

Low Priority

  • maybe add my own type of score that decides how well you’re playing based on speed, maintaining b2b, and the number of quads/TSDs/TSTs
  • add all-spin recognition
  • add SRS+ rotation (made by osk**; slightly different from SRS, making the I piece kicks symmetrical)
  • make my own SRS++ rotation (slightly different from SRS+, adding one more S and Z kick to fix some frustration)
  • make my own “logical” rotation system that has weaker but more sensible kicks
  • make my own really stupid rotation system that makes really powerful wall kicks
  • make my own really stupid rotation system that makes really painful wall kicks

TinyTris (SRS)6-10-2021_13-45-25.wick (9.1 KB)

**osk is the person who made and SRS+ rotation


only 1 block falls

press “space” to place the piece, there’s no lock delay.