The battle for the crystal of power!

Fill out the following information to have your collab considered for the forum:

  1. This collab is called The battle for the crystal of power
  2. This collab is an animation where I and your OC’s are searching for a crystal of power that can grant you a wish if you find it
  3. The time frame is from feb. 8 2022 to apr. 12 2022
  4. In order to join the collab you must know how to animate and how the principles of animation work
  5. In order to have your part be added you must send a wick file
  6. I’m leading this collab so far

Send a wick file of what exactly?

the… collab part file…

keep in mind that the time frame of the collab was up until April 12, which is less than a week away. there isn’t much reason to respond near the end of a collab.