The Eraser Tool Doesn't Work


I tried to erase something. The thing I tried to erase popped up again.


Make sure to check that you are on the right layer. The eraser tool only erases what’s on the selected layer.


Hey @Porg, mind sending me your project, some screenshots of what you were trying to erase, and the steps you took + tools? That will make it way easier to suss out the problem.


I have the same problem. The eraser erases only the brush tool, not the pencil tool.


i have the same problem and have a screen vid of it. But, cant find out how to send (put vid in reply) the vid.


Hey everyone, the eraser tool only works properly on the brush tool for now. We’re working on updating the eraser to work on the pencil and shape tools, but for now it’ll only work on the brush until we’re able to prioritize it! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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