The Happers Collab

  1. The Happers The Happers is a show I always wanted to Produce the Problem is the stile i chose and the amount of characters make it hard for one person to Create the happers so I hope I can find some Animators

  2. Topic: Animation The Happers is a Little show I always wanted to make. there are 5 characters in a family. the show is a bit like Simpsons but more for kids

  3. Time Frame December 2021 (tentative)

  4. Submission Requirements You need some animation work but you can just send me your Profile name and I will look into it by myself

  5. Project Requirements some interest in Animation and some skills in animation

  6. Project Leads @Brickstar_X

Rosi Dela Vita Remake - Show Your Work - The Wick Editor Forums shows what I stile i want to choose
Scroll down for Tutorials

I hope someone wants to join

I will make a Training Video :slight_smile:

oh good :slight_smile:

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That would be cool

The good thing is for the most part you dont even have to use the Pencile shape

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Sorry OBS was messed up a bit

does everyone knows how to do it?
if yes send your creation in here
I will give you an animation tutorial as soon I have at least two people :) otherwise it would be not enough to create a shows

Ok two more days pleas consider joining :grin::+1:

I can help

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Wow that would be two projects thanks man

I kinda need a template tho i dont know what to draw

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Of course I will set up everything

Ok @gamer_boi We will begin working on it soon but first i have to do my New Redly animation (It was bad planning i thought none will respond to this post) But you are welcome to help for redly until we will begin work on The Happers. its going to be very easy trust me

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