The legend of bob (new collab)

  1. Title: the legend of bob (new collab)
  2. Topic: working on the legend of bob game and making it better
  3. Time Frame: febuary 11th to march 31st maybie longer
  4. Submission Requirements: to help work on the game the legend of bob and finnish it
  5. Project Requirements: submit the game as a .wick file or a html file submit music as a .mp3 file
  6. Project Leads: i am leading
    if you want to join then ask me and or pick one of the roles on the poll below

i have the current game the legend of bob2-11-2021_12-37-34.wick
the legend of

Hi @gamer_boi,

I recommend adding some more details to your submission requirements. How do people join? What types of support are you looking for?

  • animator
  • disigner
  • programmer
  • sound disigner
  • orher

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orher means other i messed up

i fixed it

hey luxa I cant edit the first reply anymore but I have how people join on the last line and I want to finish the game.

@gamer_boi can this be the new thread for sevonix games?

it can be that

nobody has replied for 18 days. I guess its dead but @Watrmeln @tazer_900 @Youyou @Crafter_Flance @nuggetofwisdom we can bring it back to life.

Wait you brought this back

sure i guess

it was brought back scence jovany closed the original

also there’s a poll up top

Do you is know to spell and grammar
Also if you get discord please tell me what it is so i can invite you to the wick server and stuff

are you doing a level for platformania @Watrmeln ?

No, I’m focusing on SA

I’m in. I not really busy so I have some spare time

Also are we still using that old wick file or are we making a new one?

we’ll just use these and change some stuff like the character sprite and the monster sprites
.wick: the legend of bob2-11-2021_12-37-34.wick
.HTML: the legend of

also @tazer_900 if your going to join then turn on watching so your notified if there are updates