The legend of Twody

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  1. Title: The legend of Twody
  2. Topic: The life of a high school girl
  3. Project Requirements: .wick, .mp4, .html, .png
  4. Project Leads: Well, it’s a collab sooo… anyone who’s in it!

This is the collab for the game dev of The legend of Twody (HELP NEEDED!)

@Youyou this is the collab for the project!

would you be okay with background designs?

yes i would be completely okay

It doesn’t have to be that detailed but the first background I really need is a bedroom if you can…

ok it will be finished tommorow

sorry if that’s to much time

No it’s ok just whenever you can

Thank you

and also can you describe how the bedroom should look like

I was thinking maybe a blue bed, maybe a small table beside it and a bookshelf

I can do a story board if you need it.

I’ve already done a story board, but if you can do a concept board instead that’ll be great!

Ok I will do the concept board but I might take a while.

I have one but I have to find it or redraw it. :laughing:

Which character should Twody date throughout the animation?

  • Arin
  • David
  • AJ
  • Snowy
  • Josh

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I’m not allowed to vote!

is this a game or an animation?

I’m calling it an animation, but when it’s done I want to turn it into a series.

you made it sound like a game tho

I didn’t know what category to put it under originally until i made the collab

@Ds_boiboi That’s a good drawing of Twody for now

How many more characters are you willing to draw?