The Stickfigure Fight Collab

I’ve seen alot of stick figure animation fight collabs on YouTube and I want to make one of my own.

If you would like join this collab your will be fighting this stick figure, Yellow:
Screenshot 2021-12-05 3.51.58 PM
The requirements for joining this collab are:

  1. Yellow must poses these powers: flying, shooting fire balls, and shooting lazers out of his “eyes”.

  2. The animation you submit must be between December 5 2021 - December 26 2021.

  3. I need the submissions to be both as a Wick file ,an mp4 file and as an mp3 file.

I will be putting all the submissions all together in one video.
Unfortunately I will not be able to post it on a YouTube channel of my own, but if someone would like to post it on their YouTube channel i would be happy to let them post it.

P.S. I might reanimated some submissions

my partcollab12-17-2021_17-53-20.wick (63.8 KB)

cool! is that your whole part?

that is my whole part

is this collab still open?

i would like to contribute to this colab