The stupid test

this test will tell you if your smart or dumb My Project10-12-2021_8-30-51.html

I added a new question My Project10-12-2021_9-13-13.html

I made an iq thing My Project10-12-2021_10-52-58.wick make your own questions and send here

whats 1000+1000

10001000 or 2000.

also the questions need to be like is the world flat yes or no

every time you get the right question it sends you to the main menu

that version is sopposed to send you to the beginning if you answer right you have to answer wrong

and I made a new version if you scroll up that doesnt send you back but finds out if your smart

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also all of them say the same but only the middle one works

Add “what was this made in?”
Answers: “Flash” “Wick Editor” "From another universe of babies "

I made an update

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