The SuperMove Collab 2: Turbo

So… I was accepted into becoming a featured animator in the Hyun’s Dojo SuperMove 2 Collab! Wish me luck and i’ll see ya in the dojo!

Is this related somehow with wick editor?

yes, because i am using wick editor as the software for my animation. the collab bio says any software is allowed as long as we export our video in 720p. thank god wick exsists or i would not have this kind of opportunity

:cowboy_hat_face: Ok, then good luck, and don’t forget to share your progress here… (within this same post)

np! i recently figured out that vcam works in video exports, so that will also come in handy. (Ill have to make a more formal post about that later as a replacement for that other one i did. but yea. thx for the support! (also the collab is most likeley to be featured on the dojo yt, so @T1D4LM4N14C, if your reading this, you should join, too! the deadline is mid- march, so we got a good to months to work on it.

which collab is it?

oh well the collab already ended and i forgor to submit my thing bruv :/
but its a hyuns dojo collab that i was part of