The wick editor changed a lot since beta

wow the ghost even changed

looks like a flash rip off

I might look like that… but it is open source and free to use.


The legacy editor has the same old wick ghost, then wick evolved to 1.14, then now we have the normal editor, and we can even test the future editor.

Wow, wick editor did change a lot.
Did u guys know wick started as a college project at first?
Check out this article

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i would say that makes it better then flash




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i made to version on wick and the legacy version

I do not care if it was flash, I do not care if it was some rip-off…Wick Editor has helped me grow my love for animations and for me to save a lot of money that I might have spent on Adobe and other software.

Thank you Wick Editor for letting my imaginations and creativity run wild!