The wick editors forums are boring

these forums just feel dead honestly i just came and nothing happend but i have a felling that
something big might happen in the forums…

Er…better stick around then…

Well, there was a moment in time where the forums used to be always busy. Ever since Wick stopped getting updates, most people decided to “move on” to greener lands, and left the forums.

The editor isn’t fully dead, there are still a lotta people that use it, but don’t check on the forums.
I myself also started moving on to other softwares & programming languages, but every now and then I found myself using Wick for something.

Here’s the thing, Wick has a lotta potential but it’s also pretty limited.
There’s a chance that once @etcanthony’s team/ Carnegie Mellon University updates the editor, to fix most of the bugs and improve performance, it’d gain much more attention and support worldwide.

But since we’re not getting any updates it might not happen any time soon
(Also, did etcanthony delete his account?!)

Since Wick is open-source too, other people can also make their own versions of it with updates

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I have been working few weeks now, in a brand new “editor”… but not based on wick editor, but in html canvas and javascript… “Theater 2D”


if atc anthony deleted his account, doesnt that mean he pretty much forgot? in my 2-3 years of using wick, i havent seen 1 update

oooh, what’s it do?

the forums arent dead but youre right about nothing big happening. i remember someone actually made their own version of wick editor. im going to try that out now

Theater2D The progress is slow, since I’m doing this in my free time… but still…

The Engine Works and the performance is high : )
I’m posting this here, since Wick Editor inspired me to build this from scratch.

In contrast Theater2D will be a Game Engine, not a multi-purpose platform.