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It’s been months since I’ve joined the Wick Editor community and holy moly! We evolved! I can’t believe this much happened since april! Take a look! Here’s the first time I’ve said anything in the wick forums!:


gosh, I feel old.

Same here, I joined wick Apr 23, and my first topic on the forums was about me losing files b/c I couldn’t save correctly

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I think this is mine… it doesn’t show me the new-to-forum welcome but it seems to be it. My first 2 posts had no responses lol. Looks like I’ve been here for over a year (says so in my info), and in that time frame it feels that Wick has changed so much :smiley:\

~ the one and only thOnking emoji, Baron

@awc95014, wow, you’ve been a wick user for over a year (you’re an original too, right?), by the time u joined wick and became an expert in coding, I was wasting my life playing Fortnite! Also, the link gives me an “oops! this page doesn’t exist or is private”

huh, it worked for me when i sent it, now it doesnt what…

pic is good enough… i think

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I looked through your profile and scrolled to ur first post to find it…
Here, I found it:

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Sorry, dunno what you mean by “original”. I guess you mean that I was here since the beginning, which i wish i could say about myself, but no. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I do know a decent amount of JS, so I guess I could call myself a pretty good coder.

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Oh, I must have put a backslash in the back of the link accidentally… somehow

yeah! i’m quite new but i feel at home :D


oh, I keep googling stuff and half the time it takes me a rewrite to get it right… the bad part is that I don’t know what I do wrong

@awc95014, I’ll have to agree with you. I was also wondering lately, is coding in Wick any different from coding in the real world? Every time I search js, some tough html codes pop up

Yeah, Wick’s customized JS is quite different from regular JS.

i joined today

i made a stickman animation that took me 3 hours but it only lasted 7 seconds :(

You gotta increase production! Take the entire day to create an animation! BOOM! A great animation! My animation, Sun Battles took two days to finish! And it’s a good one! So just take your time!(Unless you have a specific deadline.)

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@Cleetus_Kernel definitely has a point, animating might not be as easy as it looks (since it takes time), but as long as you have the motivation, you’ll have no trouble with creating the worlds next masterpiece! Your journey just started, and I know it won’t end in 7 seconds :+1:

whats my first post