There's some way where i can disable image blur in Wick Editor?

I want to make a pixel art animation with Wick Editor. I made a pixel art sprite using Piskel (, but when i try to import my sprite into Wick Editor, the sprite get completely blurred.

There’s some way to disable that blur? If yes, how?

sadly no one knows

There isn’t a way to unblur an image in the editor, but there should be an option to up the scale of he image at

There’s a CSS query for this but it’s not like you can magically add it into the Wick code.
So, no, there’s no solution.

Yeah, gotta hate anti-aliasing.

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Browsers amiright

It’s possible to add that CSS query with JS?

for websites, I believe so.
when it comes to clips and images in wick editor, i don’t think so.